• About Us

    RLS  is an always expanding company with 70 years of experience on the world market. We are the part of Remontowa Holding S.A with dozens of companies from maritime industry and two leadership polish Shipyards.

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  • About LNG

    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is natural gas (predominantly methane CH4) that has been converted to liquid form for ease of storage or transport. It takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas in the gaseous state. It is odorless, colorless, non-toxic and non-corrosive.

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  • LNG as Marine Fuel

    LNG has been used as propulsion systems of LNG vessels since the first delivery of the Provalys in 2006. Today there are 48 existing LNG ships operating with dual fuel and trifuel diesel electric propulsion. Another 85 LNG ships are on order.

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  • LNG Land Terminals

    LNG - fuel - gas in a liquid with temperature. Below -162 ° C (boiling point of methane, the main component of LNG). During the liquefaction reduces the volume 630 times, so that the "energy density" liquefied natural gas increases. One-fourth of natural gas, which is traded on a global scale is transported is in this state.

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  • Realizations

    In 2014 we completed the project realization for Samso Passenger Car Ferry. The system was aprooved by DNV clasification society. The system includes  LNG tank type C, class 1 insulated by vacuum-perlite insulation. Important to mention is also location of cold box – on the side of tank, due to the limited space available on the ship. This innovative solution is probably first such in the world.

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  • Gallery

    Our company is on marine market for over 70 years. During all these years we have always produced top quality products for various companies. It would be impossible to write about everything we've ever done so what words cannot describe an image will show.

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